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    Staging Secrets and Tips for Everyday Use!

    Staging Secrets and Tips for Everyday Use!

    Reduce Clutter

    Removing clutter is a huge benefit when it comes to staging a home for sale, but it’s also great for everyday use since it truly opens up the space of the home. Start small by removing piles around the home or putting items in sight into cabinets or drawers. It’s easy to overwhelm dressers, bookshelves, and countertops, but boxes and decorative crates are a great way to stay organized with a stylish touch. Even removing just a few cluttered areas can make your space feel larger and brighter!


    Home stagers typically use a more neutral palette because it is easy to pair more items with! Neutrals help a home look cleaner and more focused, but don’t worry, you can still add color! Starting with neutrals on the walls or furniture and adding in items with a pop of color allows you to add some personal touches without overwhelming your space with colors or patterns.


    There’s a reason why agents always turn the lights on! A bright or well-lit room will always be more inviting than dim rooms, because it also gives the illusion of more space! Allow natural light into your home wherever possible and for darker rooms, try lighting accents like standing lamps or under-lighting to add a warm and welcoming glow.

    Change the Furniture Arrangement

    Have a room that feels a little closed off or is tricky to navigate without bobbing and weaving? Try re-arranging your furniture to improve the overall flow of the floor plan. Most homeowners think pushing furniture against the walls is the best way to maximize their space, but this isn’t always the case! Try centering furniture or grouping it to see if it gives teh room a more functional flow.

    Curb Appeal

    Last, but certainly not least, a well-staged home starts with the exterior! Make your home more inviting by sprucing up the landscaping, highlighting walkways with edging and/or lighting, or simply by refreshing the exterior hardware! There are lots of easy and simple ways to spruce up your exterior to make your home stand out on the block!

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